Lanka Kade

12 x Wooden Dinosaur Figure Big Bundle

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Get all 12 of the Lanka Dinosaurs. Stack them, count them, sort them or just simply play with them.

Set includes:

  • Green T-Rex
  • Turquoise Diplodocus
  • Blue Stegosaurus
  • Yellow Saichania
  • Purple Triceratops
  • Orange Parasaurolophus
  • Red Dilophosaurus
  • Blue Utahraptor
  • Blue Pteranodon
  • Red Spinosaurus
  • Purple Velociraptor
  • Green Iguanadon

About these 12 Dinosaurs:

  • Painted on both sides with a colourful design showing a natural wood grain edge
  • Super chunky size - each dinosaur is 25mm thick - perfect for small hands. And not too delicate to worry about.
  • Made from eco friendly wood
  • Perfect for small world play, story sacks and more