Organic Clothes Care Instructions

Caring for Organic Clothes

Organic clothes are soft and durable, but it's still important to take care of them properly to prolong their lifespan. Here's our top tips for looking after you organic clothes:

Washing tips

Use a short gentle washing cycle. The longer an item is washed, the more friction it causes (and friction wears out the fabric).

Try and wash on as low a temperature as needed. In general 30 degrees should be fine. Occasionally you may need 40 degrees if the item is particularly dirty.

Separate lights and darks - nobody likes a murky grey look.

Use non-biological (ideally eco) washing liquid.

Try not to use fabric conditioner on every wash. Fabric conditioner can coat the fabric and make it less absorbent, so it doesn't wash as well. 

Turn clothes inside out. This will mean they get clean but the visible fabric face isn't getting as battered in the wash. Also be careful of zips, hooks or other items that might catch. If an item is delicate, try putting them in a net bag or pillow case.

Pre-wash stains. If an item is particularly grubby, give it a pre-wash with some stain remover or washing liquid before you put it in the machine.


Take you clothes out of the machine as soon as the wash cycle has finished. Nobody likes that damp stinky smell!

Tumble dryers can be particularly hash on clothes, so try and air dry your organic clothes whenever possible. Stick them out on the line in the garden whenever you can!


Iron any printed clothes on the reverse - as the designs can come off or melt with direct heat. Also be careful of putting printed items on a radiator.

Did you know, bobbling doesn't mean an item is bad quality product, it’s actually a characteristic of natural yarns (e.g. cotton). To remove bobbles try using a de-bobbling device.

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