About Us

Welcome to the world of Little Nutkins!

We're a colourful curated shop for kids, selling wooden toys, organic unisex clothes, prints and gifts. Wonderful wares that educate, inspire and empower!

We're here to help you with the challenges of raising happy, bright and well rounded little ones into this world. 

Our range of design-led goods for kids are full of colour, fun and inspiration. We work with the best independent brands around (and make some of our own items), curating stylish collections that inspire the next generation of happy little humans. 

We're a little bit fussy about how we do things, but hopefully that just makes everything a little bit better for you!

We're passionate

We want to help parents in their mission to raise happy little humans. Those early years are essential in shaping their outlook on teenage and adult life. Things we can do to support them early on make all the difference.

So here are just a few of the things we're get super-passionate about:

  • Play is important - kids learn more when they're having fun.
  • The great outdoors is an unbeatable classroom (and a great destresser!)
  • Kids should be surrounded by positive inspiring messages and good influences.
  • All children are important, not matter what their gender, colour, background or family situation.
  • We prefer sustainable materials - so more wood, cardboard and biodegradable materials - less plastic. And all the clothes we stock are made from organic cotton.
  • Clothes shouldn't stereotype - with their messaging, colour or fit. All of our own brand clothes (Little Nutkins and XOKIDDO) are unisex.

We pick brands we believe in

We pick from independent brands from across the world based on the quality of their products and their values and beliefs. We pick brands that are socially responsible and align with our passions.

We wouldn't stock anything we wouldn't buy for our own children. We'd never buy things we think are overpriced, poor quality or what kids just wouldn't play with. 

Toys are for everyone

We don't believe that toys have genders, so you'll never find us saying a toy is for a girl or a boy. Anybody can happily play with anything we sell. 

We also try and avoid products that are overly pink or blue in a way to segregate gender either - hence why lots of our toys are bright and colourful.

We've been given a 'Good Practice Award' by Let Toys be Toys for our inclusive approach. Read more >

We love unisex clothes

We love unisex clothes, not just because they don't come with the usual gender stereotypes, but also because they're just so much easier for parents! So just about everything we sell is unisex:

  • The fit works on both boys and girls (so no mega-short or tight girls clothes here)
  • They can be handed down between siblings or families
  • You can resell them to anybody
  • They make perfect baby shower gifts - when you don't know the gender.

Organic clothes are perfect for kids

Ethical, soft, no harsh chemicals and non-allergenic. Read more about why we love organic clothes >

All our Little Nutkins and XOKIDDO label clothes are made from organic cotton.

We're keen to be green!

We're always looking for ways to improve, so we've been making a few changes to up our eco-credentials and make our footprint as small as possible:

  • We're now the proud owner of an electric car.
  • We use 100% renewable electricity from Octopus at home, at our warehouse and to charge the car.
  • We use cardboard and paper packaging materials whenever possible.
  • We reuse packing materials from the stock deliveries we receive.
  • We recycle as much of our waste as possible.

We care

This is our business and our passion. We care what customers think, and we want you to have a happy experience when shopping with us. So we'll try our best to make your shopping experience easy and effortless. If you need some help, we're here for you. If you have any feedback or suggestions let us know. 

Our loyalty scheme is just one of the ways we try and give a little bit back to our customers. If you haven't joined yet, make sure you do, or you'll miss out on earning points with your next shop.

If you have any feedback or want to get to know us more, just drop us an email hello@littlenutkins.co.uk


Louise's Story

Little Nutkins Louise Reed

In 2018, after years spent working in the corporate world, I felt my priorities shift when my two children were born. Constantly finding myself being pulled between work and family, I decided it was time to make a change.

My biggest hopes for my children are that they'll grow up to be happy, healthy, productive people, enriched by the world around them. Knowing that other mums felt the same, I decided to start my own online store. I put all my former career knowledge to use and jumped in with both.

After countless hours of effort, head scratching and interruptions from small children, Little Nutkins was born, a shop specialising in toys and accessories to nurture children’s learning. An organic clothing line, XOKIDDO, followed in 2019 giving families not only the toys and tools to play, learn and adventure but the clothes to go with it.

I hope you enjoy what we've created so far. This is just the beginning!

Louise x

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