Our Story

Welcome to the world of Little Nutkins!

We're a colourful curated shop for kids, full of wonderful things that educate, inspire and empower! Enriching the next generation through creativity, sustainability and play.

At Little Nutkins we see the world as a place of wonder. We’re here to enrich the next generation through creativity, sustainability and play.

We’re also here for you, the grown-ups. We know that raising healthy, happy, productive little people isn’t easy and we want to lend a hand. 

Our range of design-led goods for kids are full of colour, fun and inspiration. We work with the best independent brands around, curating stylish collections that inspire the next generation of little adventurers, doers and thinkers. 

We make sure our products educate, inspire and empower all children, no matter their gender, race, ability or background. 

We believe all toys are for all children, so you'll never find gendered toys, or separate sections for girls and boys toys. You'll find a rainbow of colours here, not just pink and blue! Even our clothes try to be as gender neutral as possible, because children have far more potential than just 'princesses' or 'little trouble maker'.

We know you’ll find something here that you and your kids will love. 

If you ever need a hand, just contact Louise, Head Nutkin, at hello@littlenutkins.co.uk . She’s the one who put down a career in ecommerce to make sure she’d never miss an assembly or a sports day again.

Louise's Story

Little Nutkins Louise Reed

After years spent working in corporate marketing, I felt my priorities shift after my two children were born. Constantly finding myself in cultures where family came second and working patterns were inflexible I decided it was time to make a change.

My biggest hopes for my children are that they'll grow up to be happy, healthy, productive people, enriched by the world around them. Knowing that other mums felt the same, I stumbled upon a tiny online business for sale selling children’s toys. I put all my former career knowledge to use and jumped in with both feet to buy it.

Countless hours of effort and a total re-brand later, Little Nutkins was born, a shop specialising in toys and accessories to nurture children’s learning. An organic clothing line, XOKIDDO, followed in 2019 giving families not only the toys and tools to play, learn and adventure but the clothes to go with it. 

I hope you enjoy what we've created so far. This is just the beginning!

Louise x