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Little Nutkins Our Story

'Good Stuff for Kids' - What the hell does that mean anyway?

We know, there are LOADS of shops selling children’s toys clothes and accessories. There is perhaps too much choice these days. So here we are, another online children’s store, persuading you to buy from us. We get it.

But, that said we do believe we’re a little different. We make it easy for you to find good quality, unique children’s products. We search though the thousands of children’s brands out there to bring you the best. Things we love and know you will too.

All our products are gorgeous, fun, colourful and good in one way or another (see our 'Good Checklist' below) meaning both you and your kids will love them.

We're not claiming to change the world; our products won't make your children behave impeccably or get straight A's, and newsflash: buying wooden toys will not automatically create a child genius....But shop with Little Nutkins in the knowledge you’re getting the cream of the crop. And that definitely doesn’t mean the most expensive.

Great value, good quality products from independent brands with their own wonderful ethos's.

Our 'Good Checklist'

There's so much choice out there, and as a retailer we want to make sure we sell products that are 'us'. Things that we believe in and love. Things that we think make children's lives more fun. Things that help children learn and grow. And things that make parents lives a little easier.

So to keep us on track when choosing new products to sell, we made our 'Good Checklist'. All our products have to tick at least one of our 'good stuff' boxes to make it onto the site:

  • Educate and inspire children (and parents)
  • Develop young minds through play
  • Avoid gender stereotypes
  • Fair trade and ethical
  • Minimise our impact on the environment
  • Promote closeness and comfort with babies
  • Makes life easier for parent and child - those products you wish you'd found sooner!
  • Stylish and functional design - cool items that work really do meet your needs.

About Us

Hi, I'm Louise - the owner! I'm a working mum of two living in South Wales.

In 2018, I had a pre-40 crisis, and started to question what the hell was I doing with my life?

I'd worked in ecommerce for many years, managing websites for other brands. Working long hours and not seeing my children as much as I'd like. Trying to juggle nursery drop-offs and early morning meetings. I wasn't happy in my job, and my life felt so chaotic. At the same time I was getting frustrated by the choice of good children's stores out there.

And in a completely impulsive move, I quit my job and started Little Nutkins. With a mission to have a better work-life balance, doing something I loved and make a difference by selling things that I'm passionate about.

Little Nutkins definitely keeps me busier than ever, but thankfully I'll never miss a school play, parents evening or sports day again. (And if you speak to me on the phone, you may occasionally hear a small voice in the background!)

Get in touch for a chat or to give feedback.

I hope you enjoy shopping at with us.


Louise (Head Nutkin)