Mei Tai (Meh Dai) Carier

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The Neko Meh Tai offers fully adjustable body panel, supportive 'wrap tie' waistbelt, and wide 'wrap tie' shoulder straps.

Also known as Mei Tai carriers this style offers no buckles, no snaps - the Neko Meh Dai combines the feeling of a woven wrap with the ease and support of a structured carrier. Easy to tie, easy to adjust - truly beautiful!

Available in both standard and toddler size.

Neko Tai BABY 

Suitable from newborn, 3.5kg/8lbs up to apprroximately 2-years

  • fully adjustable panel, width and height**
  • width measures (min-to-max) 20 - 40cm
  • height measures (min-to-max) 20 - 42cm


Suitable from approximately 2-4 years

  • fully adjustable panel, width and height**
  • width measures (min-max) 28 - 55cm
  • height measures (min-max) 37 - 50cm

Product Care:

Provided with full written instructions and diagrams, Neko Tai's are machine washable in cool water and can be line dried inside - do not tumble dry. Spot cleaning is preferable.

Product Features:

  • front and back carry, facing-in
  • jacquard weave fabric, soft and cushy
  • large sleep hood
  • elastic head support line
  • supportive belt foam
  • belt measures (mini-to-max) 60 - 180cm
  • shoulder strap width - 25cm / length 195cm
  • high quality materials
  • machine washable
  • written instructions