E-zzy the Sloth Sleep Aid & Monitor

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Whisear's E-zzy the Sloth is a unique, multi-functional and high-quality parent’s assistant, monitor, sleep aid and baby soother in one. It’s the first app-connected baby sleep monitor and pink noise emitter in the form of an adorable, soft sloth.

A user-friendly app allows you to adjust volume, duration, surroundings sounds sensitivity and time settings while out of the room - perfect from when you don't want to disturb a sleeping baby.

The CRYsensor responds to baby’s crying and automatically turns on a safe and soothing pink noise (3 types) while the CRYalert function sends a notification to carer’s phone when the device detects a child crying. It helps parents analyse their baby’s sleep patterns and needs so they can choose the best settings. The app includes milestones and baby development tips calendar.

Thanks to magnets in its paws you can easily and securely attach it to a cot, pram or car seat. E-zzy is also a great sensory toy and playing companion with rustling paws and colourful textiles. It is made from safe, high-quality and certified fabric and is safe to use from the 1st day of life. After removing the shushing device, the toy can be machine-washed on a gentle cycle. It is USB charged and can be set in smart low-energy, ECO modes.