Why you should invest in a baby carrier

It's that time of year when the temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer and you yearn to get out and about. However fields, coastal paths, beaches and many tourist attractions aren't great when it comes to prams. So if you haven't thought about it already, now is the perfect time to invest in a carrier.

If you're not quite swayed yet, here's why we love carriers!

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Why we think you should invest in a carrier:

They take up a lot less space than a pram

Perfect for taking on trips and holiday, keeping in the car or generally carrying just-in-case. With wraps and slings you can even roll them up and keep them in your bag.

You can go anywhere 

Even the best all terrain prams will struggle when it comes to rugged ground, steps, sand, steams, hills and uneven surfaces - whereas a carrier can go anywhere you can! Plus many attractions, historic houses and museums don't allow prams in, but it's not a problem with a carrier. Meaning no need to leave your valuable pram in a public space, or disturbing your child when they're asleep.

They're hands-free!

You can carry on with shopping, hold hands with your other children, read a map all whilst on the move, something that isn't usually possible with a pram.

Great for that in-between stage

All kids have a stage when they can walk, but get tired easily (or are just a little bit lazy - like my youngest). You may be tempted to take a pram just-in-case, but we've all been there when you're trying to juggle a pram and a walking child - it's just not practical. The good thing with carriers if that you can either keep wearing them while they walk, or with a many carriers, you can simply fold them up and put them in your bag. 

Keeps your child close

Close contact with your baby has been proved to be highly beneficial for both you and your baby. Especially in those early months, keeping your baby close via a wrap or sling makes your baby feel secure and safe. It helps with colic and fussy nappers, as well as having a calming effect, and increasing the baby-child bond.


If you have a baby that doesn't like to be put down, you can tuck them in and get on with life. When my 2nd with a baby, I'd wear her around the house constantly, take her on the school run, gym classes, baby groups and all sorts of activities - meaning I could still spend lots of quality time with my 1st child - without having to pick up and put down the baby constantly.

There's something for everyone

There's often a preconception that people who babywear are all hippies and part of some babywearing clique - but that just isn't true. These days the pressure of a busy life, means that anyone and everyone can use carriers. There's something for everyone: Different types, styles and brands, perfect for the huge range of people who carry their babies every day. And they're definitely not just for mums (despite what Piers Morgan says 🤬). Most brands create helpful tutorials and videos, and there is a lot of support available via Facebook groups etc for those who want a little bit more help trying to figure it all out. So there's no excuse!

Pass it on once you're done

Most carriers are well made and will last for years, so once you're done you can save it for your next, pass it onto friends/family or sell it on. There are always plenty of people looking for carriers, so it'll never go to waste. Plus carriers start from only about £40, so if you want to start with something simple you can!

    Even if you still have a pram, it's great to have a carrier too for those situations when you need be off-road or have a smaller back-up solution. 

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