Why we love wooden toys

We stock a fair amount of wooden toys at Little Nutkins, and we're always looking to expand the range. We love wooden toys so we thought we'd dedicate this post to these fab toys.

Wooden toys have been around for centuries, used as a building and craft material for thousands of years - it's logical that most toys started out this way. But in a world of plastic and technology, why are wooden toys as popular as ever?

Here's out quick rundown of why we love them so much:


We've all had wooden toys as children, and although the trends and brands may have changed there are still so many toys that bear huge resemblances to the ones we had as kids: castles, farms, trains, cars, building blocks, they're still going strong and are just as loved as in 'our day'! I don't know about you but whenever I get out a wooden toy it immediately transports me back and I enjoy playing with them as much as my child (maybe that's just me).


I'm so fed up of getting cheap toys that break after a few plays. My children are not soft delicate types, they love to bash and crash and I've lost count of the number of toys that have missing bits or have been destroyed completely. Wooden toys, tend to be tougher and last longer. Wood is a strong material that can take it's fair share of abuse (hence why we build with wood and not plastic!) - and from a practical point of view - even if it does break, you can usually fix them with glue.

We still have wooden toys around from my childhood, yes the paint has seen better days, but my kids don't care. They're as loved now as they were back then. 

They'e an investment

As mentioned, wooden toys last well, which means they make great investments. 

Buy a wooden toy and we guarantee you'll be able to pass it on or even sell it second hand to another loving family (perhaps even your grandchildren), and they'll always be well received.

Yes, they may be a bit more expensive than plastic (but not always), but the life you'll get out of it is much better, and it'll be enjoyed for generations to come.

Great for small hands

Wooden baby toys are perfect for little hands. They're solid and can take a decent mouthing or chomp. The chunky feel is easy for babies to hold and toys such as blocks or push along toys can really help with co-ordination and grip.

Open ended play

Wooden toys can really promote open ended imaginative play. Take a Wobbel Board - yes of course you can stand on it and rock, but you can also use it as a road, a boat, a bridge, a slide - the opportunities to play are endless. Same as with blocks and figures - create whatever story you want and it can change on a daily basis.

Better for the environment

We all know about plastic - how it's energy-intensive to make, and very hard to get rid of. You can't get away from all the negative coverage - it's really opened our eye to the problems it can cause.

Wood however generally has a much smaller impact on the environment. We choose suppliers who use FSC certified wood, and have an ethical supply chain - meaning wood is a better manufacturing material than plastics. But also wood is biodegradable - so when it comes to the end, it'll cause much less lasting damage than plastic toys. Not to mention they are more durable, last longer and get passed between families there is a lot less waste overall. 

We love wood toys and they will always be a key focus of Little Nutkins. We hope to expand our range to include a bigger variety of toys and brands in the near future so keep your eye out! We hope you'll love our range as much as we do.

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