What we're all about!

'Good Stuff for Kids'

It's our new strapline...what do you think?

It took a lot of consideration (although it may look like it we came up with it while in our usual frantic state of trying to juggle life, kids and work). We wanted something that covered our broad range of products and what we look for in all our brands.

We're pretty picky - we don't just order everything in. Even within a brand's range we don't choose everything. If something doesn't meet our criteria it won't get through the door. So how can we sum that up in once sentence?

That's how we settled on 'Good stuff for kids'.....and here's why:

What the hell does it mean?

Good? Not amazing? Not the best? Just good? It's perfect, because that's what we're all about. 

Parenting can be tough - so being a 'good' parent is a very wonderful thing to be. You don't have to be amazing, because there is no one correct way to do it, it's not a competition, there are no winners (and certainly no prizes) - it’s whatever works for you and your little one. Sometimes it's fabulous, sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and hang-on until bedtime! But amongst the chaos and cuddles, there are lots of 'good' things we can all do for our bambinos. 

What do we believe in?

We're not claiming to change the world; our products won't make your children behave impeccably or get straight A's, and newsflash: buying a cloth nappy will not turn you into a saint. But all our products are all gorgeous, fun, colourful and good in one way or another - meaning both you and your kids will love them.

We're realists, we're all about normal parents. We're not super human beings that raise Nobel Prize winning children. We're just doing the very best we can with the time and resources we have. And we know we can always do a little better.

And as for our products, we don't care if you only try one small thing or go the whole hog. It's all good for us. But we hope we can inspire you a little and spread the message of choosing things that are 'good' - especially when there are SO many clothes, toys and accessories to choose from out there.

How do we choose which products we stock?

With all that in mind, all of our chosen brands have to tick at least one of our 'good stuff' boxes:

  • Fair trade and ethical
  • Minimise our impact on the environment
  • Educate and inspire
  • Develop young minds through play
  • Encourage adventurous play and inquisitiveness 
  • Promote closeness and comfort
  • Avoid gender stereotypes

Our brands are all independent and based across Europe. They all believe in 'good' in their own way and that's why we love them.

One baby step at a time, we can all do a little bit. (Even if it's not all the time.)

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