Trying To Be More Eco: Part 4) Our Pledges

Wind Generators

In this instalment of our 'Trying To Be More Eco' series we want to talk about our plans for the future!

Nobody is every perfect, but it's good to recognise what you can do better and strive to take action. So here are the things that we as Little Nutkins aim to do in 2020

Send orders in Eco packaging

We have now added a new option to UK Shipping services. You can select to add 'Eco packaging' for an extra 25p. In an ideal world we wouldn't charge you any more, but unfortunately paper and card packaging is quite a lot more expensive than plastic.

At the moment there is no 'Eco' Express or International options. This is because Express orders are often sent via DHL and we need to use their plastic bags for the shipping. And International orders often need a little extra protection as they can be exposed to weather conditions when being loaded on and off planes, so plastic bags are always the safer option to ensure the order gets to the customer in one piece.

As mentioned, do use paper and cardboard wherever possible currently but the new Eco option is 100% recyclable and compostable.

Recycle more

Not everything is collected as standard, so we're going to make a conscious effort to collect and sort all of our waste and take it to the relevant places for recycling.

Did you realise that lots of things that your council ask you to put into black bags can actually be recycled? Bread bags, Pringle tubes, crisp bags, pens, coffee pods, pet food pouches and more - you just need to know where to take them!

Swap to a 'clean' electricity supplier

We are currently on the look out for a new electricity supplier, so this time we're going to go for a clean energy supplier - where all electricity comes from clean, sustainable sources such as wind and solar.

Buy and electric car!

I'm determined that 2020 is my year to get an electric car. There are lots of new models coming out later this year, so I'm eagerly awaiting all the launches.

Electric car technology has advanced so much over the last few years that it's a perfect alternative to a fossil fuel based vehicle. Teamed up with a good 'Eco' energy supplier to cover all the extra electric we'll need for charging - and I'm hoping we can do our tiny bit for the planet (as well as maybe saving some costs - bonus!)

We'd love to hear what swaps you are making in 2020 to be a little more Eco. Contact us via Instagram, Facebook or Email