Time for a change

We thought it was time to give an update and be 100% transparent about what's going on with Little Nutkins at the moment (incase you were interested).

Where we are

The last 3 years have been amazing, and we've grown from strength to strength, but the last 6 months have been hard! 

2020 was amazing and lockdown definitely worked in our favour (the only option was to shop online for most of the year) but this year has been an absolute rollercoaster - a very wobbly scary one at that!

At the end of 2020 we moved to a new location, a shiny warehouse that seemed perfect to accommodate our growth. It was bigger than we needed, but to grow you need space - or so we thought.

We had big plans...but then 2021 happened.

School's out

The schools closing hit us hard, the business had to take second place to homeschooling, so we couldn't do nearly as much as we wanted. With the increased cost of the warehouse, this wasn't a good start.

Apple Privacy Update

Then came changes to Apple's privacy settings. Increased privacy is a good thing for sure, however a lot of small businesses relied on being able to retarget potential customers with adverts. (Retargeting is when you visit a website and then see adverts from that brand afterwards. It's a really effective method of advertising and helps drive lots of sales.)

So when Apple decided to change settings so iPhone customers cannot be tracked as easily, it meant Facebook's advertising was no longer as effective for us. We've relied heavily on Facebook & Instagram adverts to gain new customers, but this change has meant it's not working for us anymore. 

Lockdown easing

Most people have enjoyed being able to get out and socialise more - especially with their children (there is only so much a parent can take being stuck indoors!) The weather, bank holidays and everything else that's been going on has meant nobody is sat on their phones/computers spending time browsing websites any more. You have much better things to be doing. But again this has an effect on sales. We're not the only ones feeling it - many small businesses are having a tough time right now. 

Family first

And finally I set up this business to allow me to be more flexible and spend more time with my family. But this year has meant working longer hours, being in a warehouse away from my family and stretching myself far too thinly. This isn't the dream I wanted anymore. 

What next?

We're not here for a pity party, but we do need to get our sh*t together!

Even if you've never run your own business you'll know low sales and high costs = not good! So we've been doing lots of thinking (and eating lots of cake) to figure out what's best for us going forward. 

And having changed our mind twenty million times, we've finally decided what we need to do over the next few months.

So this is what we're going to do:

  • Narrow down our brand/product range and concentrate on the products and brands we know you love. 
  • Have a mega sale to clear out the products we won't be stocking going forward
  • Developing our Little Nutkins/XOKIDDO/Girls Can range of clothes and accessories - which we have more control over and allows me to be more creative - which I love.
  • And moving back into a smaller space!

And there you have it, we're scaling back, doing more of our own thing and selling off things that are no longer our focus.

We hope you stick with us for this new part of our journey, and enjoy the awesome discounts we have in our sale.

Thank you for your support so far!