8 Things To Spot This Autumn with Kids

Things to Spot in Autumn with Kids

The countdown for Autumn is on!

Looking for an adventure and wanting to get the children out of the house and exploring this fall?

Here at Little Nutkins we’ve created a Top 8 ‘Things To Spot In Autumn’ list to get you and your family out of the house, and enjoying the best of the changing weather and seasons. What are you waiting for? Dig out those wellies and raincoats, and let's get finding!

Autumn Days Are Awesome Days

Although you may be sad that the warm summer days are over and there is less sunlight in the days, there is nothing more exciting than seeing the leaves on the trees beginning to change and getting wrapped up in big coats to prepare for the cold!

Here Is Our Top 8 Things To Spot This Autumn

You can also download our spotter checklist and have fun spotting these while out and about. 

1) The leaves changing colours

You know Autumn begins when the leaves have begun to change from green to yellow, orange, and finally red. Are you able to spot each of these different colours?

2) Autumn Apples

What a better time to head outdoors and hunt for some juicy apples! September and October (less likely November) will see a variety of delicious apples ready to harvest, either in your own garden or at a park. If the apple is ripe enough when spotted, you can even collect a few to make a homemade apple pie, or apple sauce!
Top Tip - hold the apple in the palm of your hand and push it up towards its stem (rather than down), when twisted the apple should fall off easily.

3) Conkers

What says Autumn more than seeing a bunch of conkers whilst out in nature. Can you spot both a hard conker, and one still in its spiky green shell?

4) Pumpkins!

Yes, we know Halloween isn't until October 31st. But how about having a competition with the family as to who can find the first pumpkin of the season? Or why not visit a pumpkin patch? 

*Bonus points if you can spot a pumpkin which isn't in the supermarket, before the end of September.

5) Acorns

They can sometimes be difficult to find, but not impossible during Autumn months! For this task, collect a few acorns for personal use and challenge yourself, and the little ones to a craft day repurposing them into fall decorations or ornaments. 

If you're unable to find acorns, replace them with pine cones for just as much fun!

6) Mushrooms

Autumn is the growing season for funky fungi such as mushrooms. With their harvest time coming in later during the month you should expect to see a big bloom during the beginning of Autumn. Can you spot at least 3 different colours or types of mushroom/fungi on your adventures?

Mushrooms are often hard to identify and can be poisonous, so it is best to not touch, pick, or eat any wild mushrooms without expert advice!

7) Wild Deer

Why not go on an early morning or late evening adventure to try and spot some deer during rutting season? It is always best to stay well away from larger species like deer, especially during this time of year when many animals begin to mate.
How about you try out our Nature Trail Binoculars, to make sure you get a glimpse of this beautiful creature!


8) And finally.. Squirrels!

You will spot these bushy-tailed animals all year long, but during the Autumn season they will be out finding the best places to store their food for the winter. How many squirrels can you spot on your exploration?
*Bonus points for finding a squirrel burying it’s precious food such as nuts, seeds, or even fruits!

Need Some Kit For Your Adventures?

Why not create your very own Nature Explorer Activity Pack that includes everything a little adventurer needs for a day out hunting for our top 8 Autumn sightings!


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Don't forget to upload pictures of your findings and tag us (@LittleNutkinsuk), for a chance of your image to be shared to our profile and receive 10% off your next purchase!