Things To Spot In Spring Time With Kids (+ Free Printable)

things to spot in spring with kids

Spring is officially in the air

Are you starting to feel more adventurous and want to go out exploring with your little ones? Spring is the perfect time to shake off the winter feels and start venturing out in the sun to spot some of our Spring finds!

It's time to lose some layers (maybe just the one for now), enjoy the fresh air and get spotting!

When Does Spring Start?

Surprisingly the first day of Spring doesn’t actually start on the first of March, but on the 20th March. This is because the season officially starts with the Spring equinox. But what on earth is the Spring Equinox? Officially it’s when  "the Sun crosses the equator line, heading north. So, the Northern Hemisphere begins to be tilted more toward the Sun, resulting in warming temperatures." According to the  Almanac.

You may have noticed the evenings are getting lighter since the end of the winter solstice in late December, and the daylight hours will only continue to increase up until the summer solstice in June. With the Spring period being in March, April and May.

Spring then ends on June 21st when summer will officially begin. And we can't wait!!

Here Is Our Top 8 Things To Spot This Spring

Why not also download our free spotter checklist to keep track of all your spring finds..

1. Blooming Daffodils

Did you know there are more than 26,000 daffodil varieties, coming from a gene pool of 56 species and in Britain we produce 90% of the world's daffodils according to Country File.

How many different types of Daffodils can you spot on your Spring adventures?

2. Birds Building A Nest

You may have to look high up in the trees to find a full birds nest! Or maybe you'll be lucky enough to spot some birds collecting their nest essentials down on the ground.

Look out for them holding twigs, dry grass or even fluff using a pair of Nature Trail binoculars 

3. Baby Animals

Springtime is when lots of baby animals will be born, as the warmer weather helps to ensure the newborns will survive and grow strong enough for the winter months

Lambs are some of the most popular baby animals you'll see during Spring, how many will you get to spot? Remember not to get too close to the ewes and their lambs so you don't scare them!

4. Frogspawn

In early Spring you will be able to spot lots of frogspawn, and even see them hatch into tadpoles in ponds or small bodies of water.

Will you be able to spot both frogspawn eggs and hatched tadpoles before they turn into frogs?

5. Easter decorations

It really does feel like Spring when you start to see people decorating for Easter! Whether it be Easter eggs in the house, mini eggs, or those tiny yellow chicks used for decorating Easter bonnets.

Which one will you spot first?

6. Butterflies & Bees

The flowers have begun to bloom, and nature is starting to become more colourful. Now is the perfect time to spot beautiful butterflies, and buzzing bees in the outdoors!

Will you be able to spot them sitting on a vibrant coloured flower on your adventures?

7. Someone Mowing their lawn

As the cold weather leaves us and we start to feel the warmer air, you are guaranteed to find someone mowing their lawn.

Who in your family will be the first one to see it and not just hear it?

8. Trees Budding

With the beginning of Spring time fast approaching, you need to look out for the trees starting to bud all around you!

Each type of tree has its own distinctive type of bud, will you be able to find a variety of different shapes and sizes before they sprout their leaves?

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Free Things To Spot In Spring Checklist

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