Road Trip Entertainment For Kids

Road Trip Entertainment For Kids

We all know when planning for a road trip that kids entertainment is always one of the top priorities!

Whether you may be travelling by car, bus, boat, or aeroplane we have 10 amazing road trip games, toys, and learning accessories that are perfect for keeping your little ones entertained on any long journey! Including travel games for toddlers, older kids and for the whole family too.


10 Easy Road Trip Activities And Games for kids

Being stuck road tripping with kids can be difficult. Even if your little ones are used to travelling, they can still easily get agitated or get bored of being stuck in one place with not much to do.

We've carefully selected 10 travel games for kids from Little Nutkins that will guarantee to ease any boredom!

  1. Rex London Baby's First Book of Numbers - This Baby's First Numbers Book contains fun colourful illustrations to help children learn their numbers and counting. A perfect addition to road trips even if they are just looking at the colours. Made from thick and sturdy cardboard it'll take a bashing from heavy handed toddlers in its stride.
  2. Tooky Toys Handwriting Practice Cards Words & Numbers - For the kids who would prefer to do some learning over board games or other travel games! Write out letters, numbers and full words with these cards. Use the dry wipe markers and clothes included to wipe it away and start again.
  3. Rex London Mini Wooden Topple Tower - A mini version of the classic jenga game. This fun wooden game from Rex London requires a steady hand and a steady car (so this may be one for the rest stop or final destination). Build up the tower and take it in turns to remove a single piece - but be careful not to topple the tower.
  4. Tender Leaf Toys Robot Construction Set - A great alternative for the kids who prefer to play with toys rather than travel games. This cool Robot Construction set from Tender Leaf Toys includes 3 brightly coloured retro style robots that all come apart and can be reconstructed to make endless variations.
  5. Rex London Rainbow Scratch Art Kit - Create wonderful rainbow art with this fun set from Rex London. Scratch away the black sheets to reveal colourful patterns underneath. Without any paints or felt tips, this is a great road trip game for the messier ones who can't be trusted to not draw on the walls. These 12 scratch cards are great for all ages.
  6. Rex London Travel Bingo - Wondering how to make your road trip as fun as possible? Road trip bingo!! This travel game set for Rex London is a great way to get rid of boredom and develop your children’s curiosity!
  7. Tiger Tribe Sticker Pics - Tiger Tribe’s Funny Faces sticker set is a fun and easy craft kit for children. Choose a face sheet and choose stickers to create their own silly, funny faces. These sticker books are designed with portable play in mind. No mess or stress required! Ideal for keeping little hands occupied when travelling.
  8. Tender Leaf Toys London Cars Set -Chunky and durable, these classic wooden London vehicles from Tender leaf Toys are perfect for little ones to get stuck into on long journeys! Handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood, this set makes the perfect car accessory.
  9. Classic World Wooden Rattle Keys - These Rattle Keys are perfect when you need your real ones back! Rattle them to make noises and enjoy the different sensory elements. A great idea for the younger ones who can join in on the road trip activities and travel games.
  10. Floss & Rock Dinosaur Magnetic Fun & Games Set - This portable Magnetic Games Compendium from Floss & Rock is perfect to keep children occupied on the move. Enjoy playing these 4 board games with friends & family or alone.

Store all your little ones favourite games and toys in the Wonder Kid Roll Top Backpack!

The Best Travel Games To Play As A Family

Whilst your family are altogether and in our place, now would be a great time to play a car game that everyone can get involved in!

Wondering what game you can play in the car? Here are some of our favourite game & activities for kids and the family:

The Word Game

This one is a memory testing game!

Each player will need to remember a list of items and add on their own item each time it is their go. When a player gets an item in the list wrong or forgets something, they are out!

For example:

Player 1: I got on the train and brought a chocolate bar

Player 2: I got on the train and brought a chocolate bar, and a giraffe.

And then the other players continue to add on..


The Licence Plate Game

This one requires a pen/pencil and a piece of scrap paper for each player in the car!

Write a list of all the letters in the alphabet, similar to a bingo board if possible. Then, all start your search of finding every individual letter of the alphabet on different number plates and tick them off once ones have been spotted!

Some letters may be more difficult to spot than others, so we suggest letting zeros count as O! Or ditching some of the rarer letters from the game.


I Spy

A classic, and one that can get very repetitive very quickly. But it has to be played at some point on any long journey! To spice up the game a little, why not try using different variations? I spy with my little eye something..


  • A colour
  • A shape
  • A rhyme (Something that rhymes with tree..)
  • A letter
  • A number (3 of something.. birds etc.)


These activities for kids are perfect for a long trip to help keep the little ones entertained (and you too!).