Positive Affirmations For Kids That Will Leave Them Inspired

Positive affirmations for kids

If you read our last article on the benefits of outdoor play, you’d know that when children are building up their confidence they start to see themselves more positively too.

Some children struggle to build up this confidence, but a great way to develop and work on their self-confidence, and become more positive is through affirmations!

Affirmations are simple positive statements that are used repeatedly to help us to start believing in the affirmation being stated. A great example is “I am loved’ or ‘I am enough’.

Using affirmations can help to overcome any negative thoughts, and allows positive changes to be made. Daily affirmations can either be read by a child, or read to a child, which will have a big impact on their wellness and how they feel about themselves.

Below we will discuss how children will benefit from positive self-talk, how to use affirmations, a list of 50 affirmations suitable for young children, along with a printable copy for your kids to access easily!


How Will Children Benefit From Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations will greatly benefit not only your children, but you too! By constantly repeating the positive sayings we have listed below, over time children's self-esteem should begin to change, hopefully meaning they will have more control over their emotions and thoughts.

Practicing positive thinking and affirmations is backed-up by established psychological theory. Catherine Moore a psychologist has explored how self-affirmations have shown evidence to benefit kids through lowering stress levels, and increasing physical behaviour.

You can introduce affirmations from an early age to promote positive feelings, and emotional wellbeing. Affirmations for kids can be a powerful tool if started at a young age, as many children develop a positive self image from the process.

Without a doubt, having more positive thoughts will allow young ones to build resilience, fight off any negativity, see through any challenges, and of course grow their self esteem. What more could you want?


How To Use Affirmations

So how can we use affirmations with our children? Fitting positive messaging into our already busy parent lives doesn’t have to be a chore. We’ve come up with some easy and fun suggestions to help fit them into your lives

Affirmation cards are a great way to get your daily fix - simply pick a card at random, and say it out loud at least 10 times with your child. Make it part of your daily routine, while brushing hair, while getting dressed etc.

Posters are another great way to reaffirm these positive messages, put them up around the house and especially in places that children see regularly, e.g. bedroom or even toilet, it  will help to cement the messages. Take a look at Little Nutkin’s range of Positive Prints, created specifically to help children develop their confidence and positive mindset.

Positive Prints by Little Nutkins

If children are a little older and can read you can also get creative with post-it notes. Put them in places your child goes regularly, in their lunchbox, in their drawers, on their desk. These cute gentle reminders of how wonderful they are will make them feel special and loved.


Top 50 Positive Affirmations For Kids

  1. I am good enough
  2. I am a good friend
  3. I will overcome challenges that come my way
  4. I will have a positive mindset
  5. I am talented
  6. I am smart
  7. Today is going to be a great day
  8. If I make mistakes they will help me grow
  9. I am proud of myself
  10. My voice matters
  11. I am a good listener
  12. I bring joy to those around me
  13. I can solve problems
  14. My feelings are valid
  15. I can control my happiness
  16. I have family who love me
  17. I have friends who support me
  18. I respect those around me
  19. I know from right to wrong
  20. I will stand up for what I believe in
  21. I can forgive myself for my mistakes
  22. I will share my positivity
  23. It's okay to ask for help
  24. I am able to create my own ideas
  25. I can use my imagination when I am bored
  26. I can share my kindness
  27. I love myself
  28. I have a big heart
  29. My emotions are valid
  30. I can ask for support if I want it
  31. I am beautiful
  32. I can find a place of calm
  33. I will have positive thoughts
  34. I appreciate the life I have
  35. I have a lot of inner strength
  36. I will have a growth mindset
  37. I will practice self belief
  38. I will stay true to my authentic self
  39. I believe in all of my dreams
  40. Everything will be okay
  41. I have a lot of inner beauty
  42. I am fun to be around
  43. I can create positive changes in the world
  44. Having a difference makes me special
  45. I can talk to those around me if something is wrong
  46. negative thinking and bad feelings will pass by
  47. Today is a fresh start
  48. I am in control of my life
  49. I am helpful
  50. I can repeat positive phrases to practice positive thinking


Printable Sheet

Click here for the printable version of the affirmations for kids poster shown below!


Positive Affirmations For Kids That Will Leave Them Inspired