Packaging - trying to be more eco friendly

We're always on the look out for cool sustainable brands to sell on Little Nutkins, but we've realised we could be better at being a bit more eco friendly ourselves.

So we thought we'd better talk about our packaging. Packaging is always a problem highlighted when it comes to eco issues. Whether it's an orange in shrink wrap or a tiny item in a huge box - there's a lot of unnecessary crap out there.

Unfortunately as an online retailer we need to use protective packaging - to make sure your order gets to you in fabulous condition. But we're taking steps to be eco-friendly and waste as little as possible. Find out how:


If you order is large, we may send it out in a box. 90% of the boxes we use are reused - we're always having deliveries of products, so we save the boxes and reuse them when we can. This may mean there may be writing on them or stickers or the odd mark... but it's much better than buying new, just for you to then throw it away!

Why don't you reuse them again yourselves too - by making houses, dens, masks, robots or anything else your kid would love. It'll be a great project together. And when you're done don't forget to recycle.

Bubble wrap and protective packaging

Packaging - trying to be more eco friendly

The last thing we want is for your order to arrive damaged, so we will always need to use some form of protective wrapping. But the bubble wrap we now use is biodegradable (you may notice a slight green tint) and the air cushions and other filler materials have been recycled from the deliveries we receive - so it's not all bad.

If you get a boxed order, take out the bubble wrap and air cushions, have fun popping them and then recycle where possible. 

Mail bags

Packaging - trying to be more eco friendly

All the mail bags we use are recyclable. So once you've opened your order, please pop the bag in the recycle bin. 

We realise this isn't the best solution, so we are currently looking into other more eco-friendly options such as paper bags and biodegradable options. Watch this space.


We make sure we recycle any waste paper we have at Little Nutkins HQ. Being an online retailer the majority of communication is electronically so we won't use much. However we do always send a packing slip with your order - this allows us to check we've packed the right item, but also for you to see the order details in case you need to get in touch.

Please recycle this paperwork when you are done (and remove or scribble out any sensitive personal information). If you'd prefer not to have any physical paperwork in your order, please let us know.

Your input

If you have any more suggestions on how we can make our packaging more eco friendly then please get in touch. We'd love to hear your suggestions.

Or if you're a packaging manufacturer and you want to give us an awesome deal on eco-packaging then say hello too!

Email us at