Trying To Be More Eco: Part 2) What we Do Already

Trying To Be More Eco: Part 2) What we Do Already

We'd better start out this series of blog posts by telling you what we're doing at the moment. We realise we have a long way to go, but we're definitely trying to make a positive change.

You can find out in future posts what are plans and aims are to be as sustainable as possible in 2020 onwards.


  • We reuse as much packaging as possible. We save all the boxes, filling and shredded paper that comes with the deliveries we receive. If you've ever ordered something bulky you'll probably get a random box. And I'm sure hundreds of you will recognise the colourful shredded paper that we get from our Lanka Kade deliveries.
  • We're using a lot more paper and cardboard packaging alternatives. We've made a conscious effort to use as much card and paper as possible to avoid plastic waste.
  • We use biodegradable bubble wrap (not ideal, but better)
  • Our poly mailing bags and bubble wrap are all recyclable. (You can recycle at the same locations that take plastic bags)

Our business

  • We recycle all our office/warehouse waste (unless of course it can't be recycled).
  • Use don't use single use cups or bottles in the office/warehouse.
  • We use video calls where ever possible to cut down on travel.
  • We order from UK and European suppliers which minimises carbon as a result of travel.
  • We compost our waste food

It's just a start, so follow us on our journey and find out what steps we're taking to become more sustainable and reduce plastic at Little Nutkins.