NYE Party Ideas For Kids

New Years Eve party ideas for kids

Are you finding it tough to plan New Year's Eve with kids this year with unpredictable covid restrictions, and not knowing whether you'll be able to visit family and friends for celebrations?

We have created this guide to fill your busy mind with lots of wonderful ideas & get you prepared for the New Year's Eve party festivities!

New Years Eve For Kids

Whether your kids are old enough to stay awake for the midnight countdown on New Year's Eve or whether they'll fall asleep before the big moment, it is still an evening worth looking forward to!

Start the celebrations early to get your little ones into the spirit, and carry on reading to find out how you can keep them entertained all evening long with our fantastic practical New Year's Eve ideas.


What can kids do on New Year’s Eve at home?

There are an unlimited amount of fun activities and games to be played with the kids to help them feel part of bringing in the new year, especially with tighter restrictions coming into place.

Although we are not certain on how hard we can party this New Year's Eve, it's still best to do some planning ahead with some simple and fun activities! Depending on how keen the kids are, celebrating at 12pm rather than 12am may be best.

Even if your little ones are hard to please we are certain our boredom busting activity ideas will get them in the spirit, and they'll end up having so much fun all night long!


What are some interesting party games?

1. Set up a game of balloon pop, create a clock with different colour balloons and attach to a wall or a reachable place. Include different party games or activities on a piece of paper inside the balloons, and get the little ones to pop a balloon every 30 minutes to an hour.

2. Maybe not something that first springs to mind, but why not try a game of New Year's Eve bingo. Whether you are being joined by family or friends this year, a game of bingo always goes down a treat, especially with the older kids. You can use a bingo board that you may already have, or you can easily create your own bingo sheets and use small sweets or treats as markers (If the kids don't eat them all).
3. There is no better way than to ring in the new year and celebrate New Year's Eve with a game of pass the parcel! We know the kids have already been spoiled with lots of gifts over Christmas, but a small treat won't hurt. You can even use wrapped sweets or chocolates instead of toys!
NYE Pass the parcel


New Year's Eve Party Activity Ideas

 1. Countdown Treats: Write each hour of the time on plain bags/boxes. Add a treat inside each bag including: your own confetti poppers/party poppers, glow sticks, silly string, or new year's eve noisemakers etc. to be opened each hour.

2. Fancy Crowns: Decorate classic party hats and turn them into sparkly new year's eve crowns. Create a booth or use some fun New Year's Eve props to get the perfect photo opportunity, and have lots of memories to share with the entire family!

NYE Party crowns
3. Time Capsule: This New Year's Eve with kids could be spent creating precious memories with a time capsule. We may have not had the best past 2 years, but it would still be great to gather some photos, drawings, and other memories to include in the capsule that can be opened in years to come when the children have all grown up!


Whatever your plans may be this year, we hope you have a great time and enjoy every moment!

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