New Year Resolutions for Families

New years resolutions for families

We know resolutions are not always suitable for all families and little ones. But for the ones looking to create some healthy new year's resolutions, then this article is for you!

Starting 0f 2022 with new year resolutions for kids (and parents too!), is a great way for the whole family to start get stuck into those healthy habits you've been wanting to adopt but haven't made time for.

Whether you are starting your own resolutions or looking for new year's resolution ideas -involving kids in your family resolutions will ensure that you keep on top of things. Group effort will help you to keep reaching those goals all through the year, not just January! As long as the new year's resolutions are fun, and something the little ones will want to join in on too.


Why Make Healthy New Year's Resolutions As A Family?

Making new year's resolutions for kids and as a family can be very beneficial to how hard you all work towards the goals set, and can also bring the family closer together with the extra bonding time.

School age children may find it more enjoyable to have their own separate resolutions, along with the family goals - which is great!

The resolutions you set should be measurable and realistic goals (so you know when they have been reached), but also fun to create long lasting habits if that is what's needed. A great way of coming up with healthy resolution ideas that are suitable for the family, is to discuss with each family member or maybe whilst you all eat dinner.

Healthy goals don't necessarily mean health improvements (exercise, eat clean etc.), it just means creating good habits that are suitable to your family which will aid you towards making progress that is needed for you.

Goal setting can sometimes leave you with the feeling of having lots of pressure on you, so ensure when setting these goals you discuss that there are no consequences to not reaching them.


New Year's Resolution Ideas

It is important to ensure when making resolutions, especially for the family that they are age appropriate goals and are suitable to your children's capabilities. It's Great to encourage the little ones to come up with their own goals, as your child's resolution may be different to the whole family's own resolutions.

Once you start writing your resolution ideas, you may start to go off on a tangent and come up with loads or the little ones may want to add some silly ones (resist peer pressure)! But, it is important to do some decision making and only set a good resolution, rather than multiple that will fizzle out in a few weeks after the new year.

Why not considering some of the following new year's resolutions -

Eat More Fruit

Avoiding the new year diet culture, but still taking those important small steps to get your children to eat healthier and try more varied foods!

*Top Tip: Sweets fruits such as juicy apples, strawberries, grapes, berries, pineapple, and different melons are normally more preferred by children, with colourful fruits being easier to convince.


Don't Be Afraid Of The Weather

Aim to get out in the fresh air whenever you can with the kids and don't wait for a sunny day. Wrap up warm, wear waterproofs & have fun!

Here at Little Nutkins we have a great range of outdoor footwear selection. Including a collection of pastel colour wellies and even colour changing wellies too, from tiny toes to big kids!


Read More

Making reading as a family part of your daily routine - at bed time, or after breakfast etc. Whether it be them reading to you, or you reading to them, making books part of a daily routine helps children with the reading and vocabulary skills.

The World Economic Forum suggest that "Shared reading aloud can provide a valuable additional source of new words children can use to power their expression."


Family Hobbies

Setting goals to find a hobby the family an enjoy is a great way to improve quality time together. However, spending time together as a family is great in theory, but can often lead to kids moaning or parents board of playing pretend.

So find a hobby you can all enjoy (that doesn't feel like a chore to anybody) - riding bikes, swimming, body boarding, gardening, skateboarding, playing music together or board games. Physical activity is also a great excuse to get out in the open, and get them off any electronic devices. If you stick it out, it may also see you through those awkward teenage years!


Start A Family Tradition

Starting a family tradition is a perfect new year's resolution idea. We love to hear about the fun and crazy things families do together, film Friday, board game Sunday, family dress up days, a camping holiday, or even starting a family recipe.

Why not start your own fun tradition? Whether it's weekly, monthly, or even yearly, it's always great to have something family friendly to look forward to.


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How To Keep On Top Of Your Family New Year's Resolutions?

We all know actually sticking to the resolutions we make is the hardest part. Here are a few examples to keep you on track to reaching all of your 2022 goals.

Why not arrange a family meeting for once every two weeks or once a month, where you can discuss what progress you have all made, if you've achieved any of your resolutions, or if there are any that need working on.

You could make it fun keeping track on your new year's resolutions by using sticker charts to track any goals, that will keep your children motivated!

Just remember not to be too hard on yourself or each other! Any resolutions put in place do NOT need to be reached, they can just be used to help many any sort of improvements that you feel your family need.

Set healthy goals, for a healthy mind!


New Year's Resolution Printable Sheet

Download our free printable sheet to add your personal family resolutions here!