New! Wobbel Starter Boards

New, Wobbel -

New! Wobbel Starter Boards

As you probably know, we're great fans of Wobbel Boards at Little Nutkins, mainly due to the sheer versatility of them.

Perfect for open-ended play they can be part of so many play situations. They're a rocker, a stool, a step, a bridge a road, a cave - the list goes on.

The original boards are fab - but if you're a little unsure, or have younger kids such a big purchase can be a little daunting. But you need not worry any more.

Wobbel have just launched a little sister to their range - the Wobbel Starter. A smaller, lighter and cheaper version of the original version.

Made with the same care and precision, and still able to take up to 100kg, the Starter board is no less fun. But it's lighter weight and new shape makes it easier to move and rock - especially for younger children. And the price point makes it a little more attractive on the pocket too. But at a weight limit of 100kg it's suitable from birth right up to adulthood.

Starting at just £70 for the non-felt version it's a great purchase that will get many years of use.


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