Mix & Match Organic Basics from Pigeon

We're so pleased to announce our latest organic clothing brand to arrive at Little Nutkins - Pigeon Organics.

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About Pigeon

Pigeon love to design and create beautiful organic clothing for little people.  They also care about where their cotton comes from, who makes their clothes, who sells them and who wears them.  

All their gorgeously stylish range is 100% organic and made in a small number of factories which adhere to fair labour practices. Plus the classic design and high quality means that they can be passed from baby to baby and child to child again and again.

They care about what they do not just in their factories, but also their small Oxford base, minimising their environmental impact; all their electricity comes from renewable sources and any ‘seconds’ (eg. garments with small printing faults) and end of season stock is donated to charities working with vulnerable babies and children.  They also donate to Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), the charity that provides medical assistance around the world in the most challenging and dangerous situations. 

About Pigeon's range

Pigeon's style may be simple, but it's fairly unique in the world or organic clothes. Timeless styles and colourful basics that mix and match perfectly with each other - as well as with your other favourite organic brands. Dress up, dress down, layer up for cooler days, and strip back for hotter ones.

They seasonally update the range - especially the printed t-shirts, but you'll never find anything overly wintery or summery in terms of the prints. Their choice of colour may not be a bright as some of the other organic ranges, but we love the simple sophistication and how the colours work so well together (how many other brands can say that!).

It's a really well thought-out, but simple collection, that with many unisex items, works beautifully for both boys and girls.

Why we love Pigeon

We love the versatility of their collections.

Their styles and colours don't date, they'll look great with anything - and you'll never have to worry about missing the season. (I dread to think the number of clothes my kids never got to wore because I bought ahead and stashed and by the time they fit it was the 'wrong' season).

Plus being organic, all their items are super-soft and great for young, sensitive skin. You'll get your wear out of Pigeon's clothing range, and we able to pass them onto siblings or friends once you've gown out.

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