Little Nutkins Turns 2!

Little Nutkins Turns 2!

We've just had our 2nd Birthday!

It was actually our 2nd birthday a few weeks back, but it coincided with my own lockdown birthday and the week we should’ve been on a family holiday with friends....To be honest I didn’t really feel like celebrating.

The last couple of months have just blown my mind. In February I was relaxing on a white beach in Abu Dhabi, and now we're stuck at home hiding from a hideous pandemic! It’s a pretty sh*t time for lots of people at the moment and I was scared forcing an insignificant work milestone on those who may be struggling would be insensitive. So I let it slip without a mention on any of our social channels or emails.

But as the weeks have gone on and I chatted to some of my amazing business mum buddies I realised that actually some positivity in these weird times are what’s needed. Right now we need to celebrate the small things!

So I got out cake mix from the cupboard and baked a cake! I found an old 2 candle from my kids birthday and stuck it on top - Voila, Little Nutkins is officially 2. We celebrated as a family, and it felt good (as did the cake).

I’ve worked my arse off for the last 2 years to build the business and I should be proud of myself.

The best job ever

I've loved running Little Nutkins for the last two years, it honestly is THE BEST job I've ever had! I've settled into my new role with ease and am so happy being able to make my own decisions. Running your own business is scary, expensive, emotional, tiring, stressful - but SO rewarding. I've learnt a hell of a lot and have worked way too many hours, but I've also seen my family so much more than I ever did in my other jobs.

Most of all I've enjoyed seeing the Little Nutkins family grow, we've taken on help in the form of freelancers and agencies and we've seen our customer base grow immensely. We're getting known all over the country and people are recognising the name Little Nutkins. We're a real business! 

Thank you!

Thank you so much for helping us on this journey, for supporting us and buying from us. What started out as an impulsive dream has turned into a bona fide business and I couldn't be more proud.

Crazy times

It still feels very weird 'celebrating' at this time, but as a small business it's important to roll up our sleeves and crack on. Because of our size we can keep on working without having to worry about social distancing of staff (it's just me and my hubby and our 'virtual' team), and having our warehouse nearby means we aren't really that disrupted. Plus we know that you guys are relying on online stores to get all your toys, children's clothes and gifts right now so we're more than happy to serve.

If there is anything we can help with, just let us know!