Introducing XOKIDDO - a Little Nutkins Brand!

We'd been thinking about how we can introduce our own range of children's clothes for the last year, and then by chance we found XOKIDDO. We instantly fell in love with the clothes and brand. And to our delight we found out the business was for sale. So without much deliberation we knew we had to have it!

And there you have it we've been secretly running XOKIDDO on the side for quite a few months now, with the intention of keeping the two separate. But a week or so ago I woke up and had a revelation. Why am I making this so hard for myself? And why am I hiding XOKIDDO away? (OK so I wasn't hiding it as such, but I wasn't being 100% honest that we were the SAME people).

So there you go.... XOKIDDO is now OUR brand. It's part of the Little Nutkins family, it's our OWN clothing brand and we're so proud of it. So we're going to start shouting about it a lot more.

And even bigger, we're combining the two. From 1st July XOKIDDO will live on Little Nutkins only. No more separate website, emails - it's all coming together.

We hope you love XOKIDDO as much as we do! Take a look at the range >>

The XOKiddo Story

Introducing XOKIDDO - a Little Nutkins Brand!

XOKIDDO is now part of our story, but as mentioned it hasn't always been. XOKIDDO started out in London, created by a wonderful Dutch designer Rona Hollows

XOKIDDO was created as a reaction to the multitude of muted organic children's brands that are out there. Let's face it, organic kids clothes can be a bit dull! There's plenty of neutral shades and simple designs out there, but that's just not us. Rona created an organic brand that was stylish, fun, bold and practical. Something she liked to call 'Attitude with Gratitude!'

Rona may have passed on the baton to us, but the reason we fell in love with and bought the brand was because her story completely resonated with us.

We love that the clothes are made with organic cotton, we love the cool style and considered designs, we love the pop of colour, and we love the 'slow fashion' approach.

It may not have started life as our brand, but it's 100% ours now and we couldn't love it more! We didn't set out to buy a clothing brand, but we found something so much better - a brand that is more than we could ever have created by ourselves!

We promise to follow on from the excellent work that Rona started with XOKIDDO and maintain the ethos and style going forward.