Introducing Wonder Kid

Wonder Kid Range

For a while we've been working on and launching various own-label products that inspire children and support their mental well-being, including inspiring prints, uplifting décor, exploring accessories and sustainable kids clothing.

But as the range grew, so did the different names, brands and designs (Little Nutkins, Girls Can, Positive Prints, Explorer club etc) and it started to get a little confusing. And if it's confusing for us, it's probably confusing for you too!

Each of these different ranges has their own messages, but they all had the same underlying aim - to support children as they grow and inspire them to be their best self (which actually runs across all the products we sell at Little Nutkins). So we've been looking for a way to tie all of these mini projects together under one name. A single message and name for all our inspiring products.

After lots of brainstorming, looking back through customer feedback and trying to get to the core of what we are actually trying to do - it struck us, the name was here all along! Wonder Kid.

We've had a Wonder Kid print that we launched last year, and it's one of our best sellers. We've always loved the meaning behind it anyway, but the more we thought about it the more it worked perfectly for our whole range.

Wonder Kid

What is Wonder Kid all about?

All of our products aim to celebrate children in all their wonder:

  • Celebrate the wonder and individuality of all children
  • Inspiring them to be their best super-self everyday
  • Making children feel confident about themselves, no matter what quirks, disabilities or challenges they may have
  • Making all children feel included and worthy
  • Empowering them to be who they want in the future
  • Encourage curiosity and seeking wonder from all around us - using nature, play and fun to learn, gain knowledge and confidence.
  • We believe all children are amazing and have their own super-powers!

The Wonder Kid range

Whether it’s confidence building prints, empowering organic cotton T-shirts or inspirational décor, our range has been created to help your child be their best wonderful, quirky selves everyday. Perfect for outdoor play, or just relaxing at home!

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We plan on growing the range, but every item will have the mission of making your children feel good about themselves.

Our first Wonder Kid launch is our 'All You Need Is Love' t-shirt. Designed in house we fundamentally believe in the message - with love and support children can be and do anything that want to.

Check out our unisex kids clothes available in a range of colours and sizes and all made from organic cotton. These t-shirts will be sure to look great on any child. Shop now > 

Wonder Kid All You Need Is Love T-Shirt