Why is Organic Cotton so good for Children's clothes?

You've all heard of organic food - products grown and produced without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. What was once a 'trend' is now mainstream with consumers opting for natural options, without the nasty additive and processing - which we're now starting to see can have an impact on our health.

But did you know you can now also choose organic clothing?

Similar to food, organic cotton is made without chemicals and grown in a sustainable way. More and more brands are making a choice to use organic cotton, especially for children's wear - but why? 

  • It is better for our Planet, as no nasty chemicals are used
  • It is softer and kinder to your child's skin, as it does not contain toxic or allergenic substances.
  • Organic farmers generally get better prices for their crops - which help them too
  • Cotton farmers exposed to chemicals can suffer respiratory problem - which are minimised with organic crops
  • No chemicals also means no contamination of local water sources or soils
  • The cotton is more durable (as the fibres haven't been broken down by pesticides)
  • Organic farming uses less energy than regular farming

You can see that not only is organic cotton generally better for the planet and farmers, it's also really good for sensitive young skin. It's a no-brainer - organic cotton is perfect for children's clothes!

There are more and more brands choosing to use organic cotton - including Little Nutkins!