Gift Guide: Investment Toys

Gift Guide: Investment Toys

How many times have you searched for hours to get the sold out toy that’s at the top of their Christmas list? Only for it to be put to the bottom of the pile a few months later when something more interesting comes along.

At Little Nutkins we want to put a stop to throw away gifts. Our gifts are designed to be high quality and stay in the family for years to come, so they can be passed down through generations along with the memories that go with them.

If you’re looking for ideas for that ‘big’ present this year, here’s a few of our favourites.

Lanka Kade Arks

Gift Guide: Investment Toys

‘The animals went in two by two!’ Lanka Kade's Noah’s Ark playsets really are a gift to treasure. With 11 pairs of chunky wooden animals and Mr and Mrs Noah too, there are endless hours of fun to be had with this set.

Available in two sizes; a huge Deluxe version with standard size figures, or a junior size with slightly smaller figures. Both beautifully made to last.

This is a beautiful traditional toy which is made from rubber wood so every piece is unique with its own grain. This really is a gift that can be passed down through generations and last as long as the story itself.

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Tender Leaf Dolls House

Gift Guide: Investment Toys

Every child remembers the Christmas they got their first dolls house. Planning out the rooms, designing the furniture, adding in the dolls, it’s all part of the joy!

Our Tender Leaf Toys Dolls Houses range from little cottages to 3 floor townhouses. Each so beautiful you'd love to live in one yourself.

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2-in-1 Steel Balance Bike and Trike

Gift Guide: Investment Toys

Do you remember learning to ride your first bike? The scratches and bumps, trying to find the perfect place to practise and eventually mastering the skill.

The TryBike Balance Bike solves all of these problems and helps your child transition from walking to balancing to riding. Just swap over the wheels when they are ready to move from tricycle to bicycle.

We have a range of different colours and each bike comes with a set of stickers so they can customise their design and make a bike they’ll be proud to learn to ride on.

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Way to Play – King of the Road Set

Gift Guide: Investment Toys

We new on the floor with chalk, but now our little ones can have Way to Play. The King of the Road set is our ultimate gift for car lovers (big or small) and is great for nurseries and playgroups too.

This set contains 40 pieces of the popular flexible rubber road which can be placed over almost any surface, indoors or outside, so get creative building bridges and crossroads. If it gets mucky, simply wash it and you're ready to go again!

The Way to Play sets can be added to over time and combined other toys, so this is a gift that they’ll never get bored of.

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Lanka Kade Barn Farm Set

Gift Guide: Investment Toys

If your little one loves the farm, animals or just spending time outdoors they will love this Lanka Kade Barn Farm Set. It comes with a barn, tractor, 2 animals, 2 people and a variety of farm essentials such as water troughs, fences and gates.

This is the perfect gift for a Lanka Kade loving child and one that can be added to over the years and combined with other Lanka Kade pieces.

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