Christmas Shopping Tips for Early Bird Shoppers at Little Nutkins

We know it's early, but some of you have told us that you're already squirrelling presents away! So here's our tips for any of those that have started thinking about their Christmas shopping already...


1. Always check your order as soon as it arrives

If you're buying months in advance, it's easy to get your order and stash it in a cupboard until you wrap it. But don't forget you legally have 30 days to return any faulty products, after that your rights start to disappear. 

Check the item for any dents or knocks, check you have everything you wanted and the correct quantities. Because if you wait until after Christmas you may no longer be entitled to a repair or refund.

2. Try not to buy too early

We know it's great to be prepared, but remember children can be fickle! Something they desperately wanted last week may be forgotten in a month's time. And while we do our best to help you out when you want to return a item, it's not ideal for anybody. If you buy items more than 30 days in advance your chances of a refund are much slimmer (with any store).

So make sure you choose wisely, and only get something super-early if you know it'll definitely be wanted.

3. But don't leave it too late either

Christmas is a time of consumption and buying, which mean popular items often sell out fast. Last year there were certain items we just couldn't get enough of. We can usually order more in, but if it's super popular sometimes even the manufacturers run out. So if there's something you want, but can't get it right now get in touch and we'll be able to advise if it's a fast seller.

Plus weather and other issues can mean last posting dates are brought forward, so try and leave at least a week or so before the big day to order your presents.

4. Earn rewards every time you shop

If you plan on buying your Christmas presents at Little Nutkins, don't forget to register for our rewards scheme. For every £1 you spend you'll get 4 points, which can be used towards rewards and gifts.

NB: You'll need to sign up BEFORE you shop to make sure you get your rewards.

Find our more about our Reward Scheme here >

5. Spread the costs

Nobody likes paying for Christmas all at once, so we've got a few ways that you can help spread the cost of your Christmas shop:

  1. Klana: If you're in the UK you can pay for your order using Klarna, and either spread the costs over 3 months or pay once 30 days after purchase. Both options mean you can get the item ASAP and pay later. There are no costs, interests or charges to you for using Klarna. You will need to go through a credit check though. Find out more about Klarna >
  2. Buy Gift Vouchers: Another way to spread the costs is to buy a smaller amount of gift vouchers each month to save up and then when you're ready to shop use all your vouchers. Find out more about Gift Vouchers >

6. Keep an eye on our blog and emails

We'll be posting lots of good Christmas present inspiration and offers over the next few months, so keep an eye on our blog and sign up for our emails (using the form below):

7. Shop responsibly

We know you want to treat your children at Christmas, but we don't want anybody to get into debt they can't afford. If you start buying early it's easy to forget how much you've spent. Please spend responsibly and within your means. If you are worried about debt, then seek advice