Christmas Gift Guide 2021: For Pre-schoolers

Christmas Gift Guide 2021 for Pre schoolers

It’s now officially November, so in other words it's almost Christmas!

We all know that pre-school years are very important for learning and development. Often, it can be difficult knowing what toys or learning accessories are best for our children during this stage.

We aim to provide a variety of sustainable wooden toys that will develop creative thinking, imagination and problem solving, through our selection of handpicked fun and colourful toys.

This gift guide will include our top 10 Christmas gifts, perfect for kids within the 3-5 age range!


Little Nutkins Top 10 Pre-School Christmas Gifts

We have carefully selected a variety of our 10 favourite early learning and entertaining products that will make the perfect gift for any 3-5 year olds this Christmas!

  1. Tooky Toys Wooden Doctors Play Set - Feed your child's caring instinct with this wooden Doctor's Set from Tooky Toys. Build empathy and imagination whilst learning about the human body and seeing equipment they may see in the Doctors.


  1. Bean Bag Bullseye Game - A classic game for all ages, that can be played indoors or out. Throw the bean bags through the holes to score points. Can be played alone or in teams.


  1. Crocodile Balancing Game -This clever crocodile balancing game uses strategy and skill: use the colourful wooden blocks to correctly balance the friendly crocodile. A fun teaching tool to aid hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and shape recognition


  1. Tender Leaf Toys Home Wood Play Kitchen - Cook up a storm with this gender neutral and super cool kitchen playset from Tender Leaf Toys. Finished with the most contemporary colours this kitchen is a beautiful addition to your lovely home. Complete with 3 cooking utensils and a hob, you won't fall short of dinner ideas.


  1. Try Bike 2-in-1 Steel Balance Bike & Trike - This Trybike is the first 2-in-1 balance bike made of steel! The bike can be converted from a tricycle into a bicycle with a few simple steps. The perfect all-in-1 bike to help your child transition from walking, to balancing, to riding.


  1. Tender Leaf Toys Wooden Figures - Tender Leaf Wooden characters are made from solid rubber wood and are painted in a soft water colour stain. They place a strong focus on child development skills - physical, social, creative and imaginative play are integral to all our products.
Tender Leaf Toys Figures
  1. Lanka Kade Puzzles, Jigsaws & Games - Fantastic way to educate through playtime. Suitable for a range of ages these colourful wooden games will pass the test of time with their chunky wooden build. Puzzle blocks and jigsaw games are always great editions to the toy box!


Lanka Kade Puzzles & Jigsaws
  1. Dena My First Rainbow Deluxe 12 Piece - Dëna's Deluxe My First Rainbow is a colourful, safe, simple and smart toy, suitable from babies to all ages. Children will love the colours and have fun stacking and building these rainbows. These rainbows are bendy so they can take a lot of toddler abuse, but will keep their shape. Their matt non-slip texture means they are perfect for stacking. They can also be washed (even in the dishwasher) so they are perfect for outdoor and water play too!


  1. Tiger Tribe Waterworks - Pipeline Bath Toy - Turn bath time into a science lesson with the Waterworks - Pipeline bath toy from Tiger Tribe. This multi-layered kids bath toy helps introduce children to water exploration and cause and effect!


  1. Floss & Rock Space Wooden Play Set - There are astronauts, rockets, aliens, flying saucers and more. The box has a fold-down lid so you can land on the moon or play inside the box which reveals the space station. It is fully portable with a nifty carry handle so you can take it over to friends or grandparents and it all stores away super quick!


Why not explore more of our pre-schooler range here!

Why Choose Natural Wooden Toys & Plastic Free Gifts From Little Nutkins?

Our design-led goods for kids are full of colour, fun and inspiration. We work with many independent brands (and make some of our own items), curating stylish collections that inspire the next generation of happy humans.

All of our products are picked based on their quality and the values and beliefs of the individual brands. Therefore, a lot of the collections we stock are made from wood, natural materials, or have a nature feel.

We love wooden natural toys as they are great alternatives to plastic non-recyclable toys that are easily breakable and often end up in landfill. Not only is choosing wooden toys this Christmas and going plastic free a significant step towards helping the environment, it is also very beneficial to children's development too.


Increases Learning Developments

Toys in general are great for child development as they help to develop coordination skills, creativity, and they encourage imaginative play. Wooden toys particularly, such as character figures, building blocks and playsets are beneficial in early learning for toddlers as they expand motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Classic block toys and games can keep babies or toddlers occupied for hours, teaching pre-schoolers how to stack and create anything their minds can think of.

Natural wooden toys and other elements have been proven in a study to help toddlers concentrate, and remain calm in certain instances. The natural feel of wooden toys, whether they be painted in bright colours, or just a simple traditional wooden toy, will give a toddler a real feel for nature even in their early learning days. Books are a great example!

Lots Of Environmental Benefits

The toys stocked at Little Nutkins are sustainably sourced, with plenty of wood, cardboard and biodegradable products! Including all of the clothes we stock being made from organic cotton.

For example, Lanka Kade's products that we stock are made from sustainable rubberwood, hand-crafted by fair-trade producers in Sri Lanka. Or Classic World who practice environmentally safe production processes to make a safe and clean world for our children to grow up in.

Wooden toys specifically are an amazing option for Christmas presents this year as they are often produced using raw and renewable materials, are biodegradable and cause less harm to the environment than over produced plastic toys.

They Are Gender Neutral

Here at Little Nutkins we don't believe that toys have genders, so you'll never find us saying a toy is for a girl or a boy. Any child or baby can happily play with anything we sell!

We also try to avoid products that are overly pink or blue in a way to segregate gender either - hence why lots of our collections are bright and colourful, and can be loved by little boys and girls!

Toys not targeted towards one specific gender bring many substantial benefits! A gender specific toy can often limit children to what they think they are allowed to play with or are capable of. Our toys aim to inspire and promote creativity, learning and enforce no gender stereotypes which may limit toddlers from exploring their interests.

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