Christmas Gift Guide 2021: Age 5+


Christmas gift guide 2021 for ages 5+

As children get older (especially school age) their personalities and characters really start to shine.

At ages 5+ most kids start to love to learn, exercise and play games. This is a perfect time to introduce a variety of new toys that will compliment their needs and wants to explore, expand their knowledge, and even develop new skills!

STEM toys, games, puzzles, jigsaws, crafts, balance boards, skipping ropes and books are all perfect for this age group, and would make the best Christmas gifts this year.

No need to worry about where to buy Christmas gifts that will bring enjoyment and have a long lifespan (not just a Christmas toy), as we have everything covered and lots of age appropriate toys available!

Check out our top recommended toys for Christmas 2021, that kids ages 5 and over will actually love and be excited to play with. Continue reading to find out all the amazing benefits of what toys, games and accessories can do for a child's development!


Benefits of Educational Toys & Games

Early childhood is the best time to introduce learning toys such as STEM into your child's playtime. If you did not already know STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Scientifics Online explains how toys based on the STEM topic are to encourage kids to develop "useful skills in areas in which the career industry is continually seeing growth".

Your child's interests, and talents will become more prevalent from age 5 and onwards, so this is a crucial time to support any of their fascinations or hobbies. Their motor skills will also develop significantly, having more physical abilities and so they will be looking for more fascinating toys to play with that will keep them occupied for longer.

Educational toys, games and books available at Little Nutkins are intended to increase coordination skills, literacy & numeracy, and motor skills. It is always best to start introducing these types of toys at an early baby stage when they start to show interest in toys (as long as they are age appropriate, of course!).


Top 10 School Aged Christmas 2021 Toys (Ages 5+)

Kids can't decide on what to add to their Christmas 2021 wishlist? or maybe their wishlist this year includes a bit too much technology? No need to panic, here are our top 10 best Christmas toys, learning accessories, and books that will make the perfect surprise gift!

  1. The Den Kit Co Portable Potion Kit - Rated 5 stars, the portable potion kit is a perfect addition to any school, holiday club, scout group or home! All kids love making potions, so why not try taking the Potion Making Kit on an outdoor adventure and make potions in the wild!


  1. Jar Melo Fairytale Shadow Puppet Theatre - Let your children put on a show with this amazing shadow puppet set from Jar Melo. Tell 4 different fairy tales, or whatever stories your child chooses to make up themselves. Shine the torch onto the box lid, and use the inserts to create backgrounds ready for the shadow puppets to tell the story. 


  1. Rex London Inflatable Globe - Teach your children about our planet with this fun inflatable Globe. Help them discover the earth and all the wonderful continents, countries, rivers, oceans and deserts without the expense (or fragility) of a model globe. Blow it up to play, or deflate to store.


  1. Lanka Kade Frogs Wooden Handle Skipping Rope - This adorable wooden fair trade skipping rope features two frogs as the hand-painted handles. This traditional toy is a fun activity for school aged kids as they learn to skip, play and jump! It is never too early to introduce fun exercise activities.


  1. BigJigs Educational Times Table Blocks - This fun game encourages kids to practice multiplication tables. Practice by picking a cube, trying to answer, and then checking the back to see if they're right. Promotes practising multiplications, memory skill and visualisation of numbers.


  1. Little Nutkins Nature Explorer Activity Pack With Backpack - this Nature Explorer Activity pack has all your little child needs to explore their surroundings and enjoy the great outdoors. Getting outdoors is great for a kid's physical and mental health. Not only are they getting exercise, but they have a chance to get away from screens and learn about the natural world around them.


  1. Tiger Tribe Comic Book Kit -Young comic book fans can create their own graphic masterpieces with Tiger Tribe’s Comic Book Kit. The handy drawing guide has step-by-step instructions to assist kids through making their characters and story come to life. There’s top tips for lettering, balloons, staging, perspective, proportions and more.


  1. The Den Kit Co Entomology (Bug Study) Kit- If your child loves to play with bugs and creatures, this will make a brilliant surprise! Take a closer look into the extraordinary world of insects with this Entomology Kit from The Den Kit Company. Marvel at these ancient creatures providing essential functions within our ecosystem.


  1. Classic World Pick A Brick Jenga Style Game - Pick a Brick is a great strategic thinking puzzle game and is easy and fun for any age. Take turns removing one brick at a time, but be careful, if the wall collapses the game is over!


  1. Scoot and Ride Highway Kick 5 Scooter -The Highwaykick 5 from Scoot and Ride is a kickboard scooter with a load capacity of 80kg for children, youngsters and even adults. The height of the handle bar can be adjusted to a body height of 1.80m, and it can be removed at the touch of a button - perfect for transportation. Made from durable materials, this scooter will be a guaranteed favourite Christmas toy.


Why Buy Little Nutkins Toys?

A toy bought from Little Nutkins is a toy for life!

We Care For The Environment

Taking steps to help the environment is one of our main goals, we ensure all of our products are the best quality, are long-lasting, and durable. They can even be passed down to other family members/friends, resold, or donated to someone in need - to get to their full use! A great step to help save the planet from single use materials.

We've been working hard to reduce our carbon footprint by using cardboard and paper packaging materials whenever possible, reusing packing materials from the stock deliveries, and we also own an electric car.

 This Christmas we are encouraging you to go plastic free with your wrapping, so you can make a difference too!

The Experience

We have worked hard to ensure all of our shoppers and customers have a magical experience when purchasing from us! At Little Nutkins, our customers are our priority and we want everyone to be fully satisfied with their purchases.

We will always try our best to make your shopping experience easy and effortless. That's why our shop is easy to navigate, with everything you are looking for just a tap or search away. Such as, our bestselling items, or our latest additions! Though, if you do need some help - make use of our 'live chat' feature at the top of the website.

Whether you are looking for a newborn, 12 months+, 18 months+, toddler, or for older kids, we have something for everyone!


Woman Owned

We are a woman owned, small, independent business.

The company was created to specialise in toys and accessories to nurture children’s learning, so this is our business and our passion!

Stores and brands like amazon do not care about the benefits of a toy like we do. If you order from us you are supporting an independent business that is trying to educate, inspire, and empower!


Gender Neutral

Our toys and clothing ranges don't focus on genders. We believe that anyone can use a Little Nutkins toy, and any gender can wear our organic unisex clothing!

We want to help parents in their mission to raise happy little humans. Therefore, our focus is not pink for girls, and blue for boys - we don't come with the usual gender stereotypes.

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