Brand Focus: Slugs & Snails - Unisex Tights

Brand Focus, Slugs & Snails -

Brand Focus: Slugs & Snails - Unisex Tights

Introducing Slugs & Snails to Little Nutkins – The original boy’s and girl’s tights company.

I remember dressing my daughter when she was a baby and her older brother saying he'd love to be able to wear tights as they 'looked so comfy'! And it made me think - why is it only girls that get to dress all snugly in tights? They're comfy, they're warm and essential for toddlers and kids - they're so practical. They keep nappies in place, they cover bums, they protect from the hand-stand knicker displays. Why shouldn't boys get to wear them?

I started to look to see if boys tights were a thing and I came across Slugs and Snails. A small family run business from Ireland who made tights especially for girls AND boys.

Their designs are not only gorgeous, but also unisex. From planes, rainbows, clouds, mushrooms or rockets - they have a colourful and fun design for all occasions.

And as a bonus their tights are made of luxurious special flexible and soft organic cotton. They use GOTS certified yarns giving you confidence that our products are free of any harmful substances or chemicals, safeguarding your child’s health and the environment.

We're loving their design and think they'll look perfect on any boy or girl ready for adventure!

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