Baby Gift Guide - Little Nutkins' Top 5

There's so much choice when it comes to gifts, so we thought it may be helpful to give you our top picks..... starting with Baby Toys.

So here is our favourites from the whole Little Nutkins range:

1. Knitted Diplodocus

This gorgeous knitted Diplodocus from Best Years is our first pick - who could resist that cute face? Wonderfully tactile and a perfect size for hugging, kids will love this friendly dinosaur - but parents will also love the fact that it's machine washable! So you won't need to keep it confined to the shelf as a decorative feature.

Other dinosaurs are available in the range - click to see full range.

Baby Gift Guide - Little Nutkins’ Top 5

2. Rag Dolls

Rag Dolls are a timeless classic. Perfect for roll play, or just a hug. These dolls from Lanka Kade are fairtrade, handmade by Sri Lankan Artisians. They come in a variety of hair colours and skin tones - to suit any child.

Lanka Kade Rag Dolls


3. Nesting Houses

These nesting houses from Smallfoot are a great introduction to open-ended play. You can use them as houses, as a puzzle or building blocks. Create a village, nest and un-nest them....there are many possibilities. Colourful, chunky and easy to hold this nesting house set if fab for slightly older babies.

Smallfoot Nesting Houses from Little Nutkins

4. Wobbel Starter Board

Balance boards are a Waldorf classic - they can be used for so many things. You may think they are a bit big for babies - but there's still plenty to amuse the earlier you get it, the more value you get out of them!

The starter board is the baby of the Wobbel family. It can still hold up to 100kg, but it's smaller and lighter than it's older sibling so better for younger users.

It can be a rocker, a hill, a slide, a stool, a step, a cave, a bridge - you name it, the only limit if your imagination.

Wobbel Starter Board


5. Rubber Dinosaurs

You may have guessed by now that we're a fan of dinosaurs! Well here is the ultimate multi-tasking dino.... another favourite from Best Years these rubber toys can be used as teethers, in the bath (no holes to fill up and get grubby!), in the mud, in a sandpit or just in the house. Easy to clean but soft enough to hold and squeeze. Plus they are made from Natural rubber - so better than plastic when it comes to their environmental impact. We love the versatility and general cuteness of these little dinosaurs.

Best Years Natural Rubber Dinosaurs from Little Nutkins



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