All Change: We've changed name and got a new website!

All Change: We've changed name and got a new website!

It's been a while since we last did an update, so sorry for that! But we have some very exciting news to update you on!

We've made a few changes around here, so let me give you a quick round-up

We've merged!

We've joined two awesome baby stores together; Little Nutkins and Babyholics, to create a new store with even more brands, products and choice.

We've changed our name

As part of the merger, we chose to use the Little Nutkins name, brand and logo. So if you're a Babyholics customer it may look a lot different, but if you're more familiar Little Nutkins then you'll recognise it all. You'll start to see the Babyholics name disappear over the next few months.

We've updated our website

We thought that joining two website's together was a great reason to give ourselves a make-over. So we've used the Little Nutkins branding to create a new simple site, that's hopefully easy to use with new filters and categories to quicker find what you're looking for.

Our site is much better on mobile

We know when you have kids you probably spend a lot more time on your phone than you do on your computer - so we've made sure our site is responsive and simple to use - no matter what device you have. So perfect for those middle of the night shopping sprees when you're waiting for the little one to go back to sleep!

We still have the same beliefs

We may have more brands, and a different name - but we still have the aim of stocking products and brands that stand for sustainability, education and gender-equality. All our products are carefully selected to fit our beliefs, and hopefully promote positivity to our children and other parents.

Saying that, we'll never get on our high-horse and preach at you. It's all about balance, nobody's perfect all the time. 

But we hope you love our products!

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