5 YouTube Channels You Wont Mind Your Kids Watching

Watching screens doesn't always have to be bad! We've compiled 5 of our favourite parent-approved YouTube channels to help keep kids entertained while off school. 

Cosmic Kids

Cosmic Kids make yoga fun for all ages. Using popular films, books and TV shows they've created a huge amount of fun Yoga routines for children. The presenter Jamie is knowledgeable and fun - making exercise enjoyable.

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National Geographic Kids

Explore the world, learn about animals or just top up on weird facts. This channel is fun way of teaching children about the world around us.

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Crash Course Kids

Crash Course Kids offer interesting science, engineering and STEM based topics in short attention grabbing videos.

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Geek Gurl Diaries

Are your children interested in coding or know what it's like to work in technology industries? Carrie Ann's video's make technology accessible and fun. Perfect for girls and boys.

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Kidz Bop

Love listening to music, but not always sure the lyrics are quite appropriate? Well step in Kidz Bop. All the latest chart song, but sang by children and tweaked for innocent ears! They also have dance along videos - perfect for kitchen discos and getting your kids active.

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