5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Halloween With Younger Kids

5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Halloween With Younger Kids

Here at Little Nutkins we are getting ready for a Spooktacular Halloween!

We are fully prepared with lots of special Halloween themed toys including, ghosts, witches, wizards, spiders, creepy crawlies and mythical beasts. But, we understand that Halloween and creepy costumes are not for everyone, so these non-scary toys are perfect for younger kids who want to have a fun Halloween without all the blood and gore!

Have you been wondering how to make Halloween at home fun for your little ones, without it being too scary?

Then check out our top 5 Halloween crafts, including a Little Nutkins special printable activity book!

Halloween Crafts

Fun Halloween crafts are perfect for little ones who are wanting to join in on the Halloween excitement, but are not quite ready for trick or treating, or spooky Halloween parties.

Here are our top 5 recommended Halloween crafts and games that all little monsters will enjoy!

Pumpkin Carving

Of course, the most obvious Halloween activity - but we had to add it to our list.

Pumpkin carving is always so much fun, but how about changing it up to keep the little ones impressed?

With any left over bits of carved pumpkin, why not use hot glue or cocktail sticks to give your pumpkin friend some ears, or a new unusual hair style. You could try carving some eye holes and create plastic eyeballs (made from ping pong balls and a black permanent marker) to give your pumpkin some life. Don't forget to add string lights or tea lights to complete your Jack o lanterns.

Or, you could try an alternative to pumpkin carving and do some pumpkin decorating instead! Why not try painting mini pumpkins and decorate a large pumpkin to go along with it.

Balloon Pumpkins

Got your hands on some orange coloured balloons for Halloween decorations, and have some spare? Why not try creating a fun balloon pumpkin?

Supplies you may wish to use:                                              

Pumpkin Balloon Craft
  • Orange balloons
  • Tacky glue/double sided tape
  • Googly eyes   
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Black marker pen
  • or any other craft bits from around the house.

You can now create your own whole pumpkin, in whatever shape and size you'd like! Great for a Halloween party, or even to show off to any trick or treaters.

Spooky Characters

Save up some of your toilet paper roll (a finished one, of course) and get designing your own creepy characters, they are one of the most entertaining Halloween crafts!

You can use scrap pieces of folded paper, or a craft knife to create any shapes imaginable to make your own characters such as, a Dracula, Frankenstein, witch, ghost and plenty more.

These are great to put out on display for a Halloween bash, or to hand out in treat bags for friends!

Halloween Toilet Roll Characters

Pumpkin Face Activity

Not prepared to get messy and mucky with real pumpkin carving?

Why not try our very own Little Nutkins build your own pumpkin face activity.

Simply print out the pumpkin sheet and all of the features that go along with it to create a simple Halloween crafts activity for younger kids, which gives them full control over how they want their pumpkin to look!

Available here!


Activity Booklet

Try out our activity booklet that has been created to keep the little ones entertained for hours over spooky season! (no promises)

From word searches, symmetry drawings, spooky maths, Halloween counting & lots more.

Available here!


We hope you enjoyed these Halloween games for kids! Remember to check out our Instagram (@LittleNutkinsUK) for daily updates and new product launches.